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OakleySI Origin

For over 25 years, Oakley Standard Issue has been supplying our nation’s heroes with the very best in protective eyewear. An obsession with research and development continues to produce combat-ready equipment for those whose lives depend on their gear – and we are honored to have earned their respect.

Concept & Development

Behind the Bunker walls in Foothill Ranch California, innovators come together to find solutions for problems that need solving. Ideas grow and evolve, coming to life through the hands of the industry’s top engineers, designers and manufacturers.

Research & Development

Ideas evolve into tangible creations that we test, re-test and test again. Beyond meeting the rigorous standards of the US Military and American National Standards Institute (ANSI), at Oakley we have a set of proprietary standards we use to further test our products for optimal performance.

Standard Issue Ballistic
M Frame® Alpha

SI Ballistic M Frame Alpha Matte Black w/Clear & Grey


Once concepts surpass all our requirements we manufacture them in our state-of-the-art facility here in California.

Standard Issue Ballistic M Frame 3.0
Shooting Specific

Standard Issue Ballistic M Frame® 3.0 Strike

In the Field

At Oakley Standard Issue, we believe our country’s bravest deserve the very best. Whether you are just starting your career or have dedicated years of service. We are here to serve you.