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Liquid OO Zero Fog

Liquid OO Zero Fog

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Liquid OO Zero Fog

Liquid OO Zero Fog - Black


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Product details:
Product details
  • Frame color: black
  • Fit: standard
  • Product Code: AOO0002CK-00000100
Liquid OO Zero Fog
Liquid OO Zero Fog
  • Product overview
Help prevent fog build up with Oakley Liquid OO Zero Fog. When applied to the inside surface of an eyewear lens, it helps to improve its fog resistance. Regular application of anti-fog spray can greatly improve the fog resistance of lenses. If eyewear has prescription inserts, they may be prone to fogging due to being close to the eye.

It is recommended to apply the anti-fog solution on eyewear and prescription insert lenses prior to first use. Re-apply as needed to keep fog away.
1. Clean the lens with the microfiber cloth pouch provided with your eyewear
2. Apply a few drops of Anti-fog solution only to the inside surface of the lens. Do not apply to the outside of the lens
3. Spread Anti-Fog Solution evenly over lenses with clean fingertips.
4. Immediately buff the lens with the provided microfiber cloth or a soft cotton cleaning cloth

Do NOT use paper-based cloths, abrasive cleaners or solvents such as ammonia. These may scratch or weaken the lens.
If the lens is scratched or fractured, replace the lens.