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Oakley Standard Issue is a dedicated division within Oakley, Inc. that is committed to serving the specific needs of the U.S. Military, government, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS professionals.

Oakley's partnership with the U.S. Armed Forces began in the 1980's. The alliance was formed to develop new technologies that improve the safety, performance and comfort of our soldiers and safety professionals. An obsession with research and development continues to produce combat ready equipment for those whose lives depend on their gear - and we are honored to earn the respect of the world's best.

This passion has driven the creation of the Oakley SI line, offering unprecedented optical clarity and maintaining ultimate levels of protection. New generations of products are constantly developed at Oakley's research and production facility in Foothill Ranch, California. Each one of these innovations redefined the perception of performance eyewear. If the technology needed by our customers did not exist, then we invented it.

Oakley Standard Issue Membership Program

Oakley takes great pride in offering the highest quality products at a membership price for U.S. Military and Government personnel. Membership into Oakley Standard Issue is free and entitles its members access to exclusive Oakley products and direct pricing.

We have developed a strong program over the past thirty years and strive to ensure that the integrity of the program is maintained.

This program is dedicated to:

  • U.S. Military: Active, Veterans, Retiree, and Reservist.
  • First Responders: Federal and Local, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS
  • Government Tactical

We value your service and sacrifice

Our Membership Program includes:

  • Access to Oakley Standard Issue Elite products at a dedicated member price
  • Exclusive products releases, with dedicated product design and R&D.
    Among them:
    • Uniform approved products
    • Ballistic MIL-SPEC rated protective eyewear
    • APEL and SOEP approved products and related NSN codes
    • Special collections such as Thin Blue Line, Thin Red Line
    • Industry collaborations with Multicam®, Cerakote®, and others
    • Military Prizm™ lens technologies like Prizm™ Shooting, and Prizm™ Maritime

How does it work?

  1. Verify your credentials with our trusted verification service.
    Click here: it’s fast and secure
  2. Create an password
  3. 3. You are now a member of the Oakley Standard Issue program: sign in and see our newest releases

Membership is active for 12 months after approval date, with the exception of members of the U.S. Military including active, retired, or those registered with veteran status, will receive lifetime membership.
After 12 months we ask you to renew your membership under My Account section.

To keep the integrity of the program, your account is authorized for your use only; it is not transferable to any other individual.