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Oakley® Authentic Prescription

Add Prescription Lenses To Your Favorite Oakley And Standard Issue Eyewear Engineered For Top Quality, Protection, And Clear Vision.
Discover Oakley® Authentic Prescription technology for your favorite eyeglasses and sunglasses. Choose Single Vision or Progressive and add industry leading lens technologies like Prizm™ or Oakley Blue Ready that is built to help provide an everyday filter against blue-violet light.*

Standard Issue Prescription Eyewear

Exclusive Eyewear Designed To Honor And Protect Those Who Serve. Available In Single Vision Or Progressive With Premium Oakley Technology Like Prizm™ For Enhanced Color And Detail.
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Prescription Eyeglasses Technology

Enhance Your Experience With Industry Leading Technology Like Transitions® Signature Gen 8™ Lenses That Automatically Adapt To Changing Light Faster Than Ever, Prizm™ Gaming Lens Technology To Level Up Your Gaming Experience, And Much More.
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Oakley® Authentic Prescription Technology

Our Team Of Mad Scientists Tirelessly Innovate Industry Leading Technology To Protect Your Eyes And Optimize Your Vision, Check Out These Features For Your New Prescription Eyewear.

Oakley Stealth™ Pro

Anti-reflective Coating On The Interior And Exterior Surface Of The Lens That Helps Provide: Scratch Resistance, Glare Reduction, While Also Repelling Smudges, Body Oils, Water And Dust To Help Your Lenses Stay Cleaner Longer.

Oakley True Digital™

Digitally Optimized Point By Point On The Back Surface To Help Provide High Definition Vision: Greater Clarity, Wider Field Of Vision, And High Prescriptions In Oakley High Wrap Frames.

UV Protection

Plutonite® is one of many patented Oakley lens materials. The UV protection of the Plutonite™ lens material filters out 100% of UVA & UVB light up to 400 nm.

Discover Prescription For Any Environment

You Serve, Exercise, And Enjoy Liberty In Various Environments. Choose The Perfect Lens To Give You Clarity And Protection Anywhere You Are.

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*Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR20772-2018.