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Large Carbon Fiber Case

Large Carbon Fiber Case

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Large Carbon Fiber Case

Large Carbon Fiber Case - Carbon

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Product details:
Product details
  • Frame color:carbon
  • Product Code:07-257

Large Carbon Fiber Case
Large Carbon Fiber Case
  • Product overview
The skin of this lightweight steel case has the look of carbon fiber — a salute to speed machines and the Factory Pilots who race them. Crush resistance is a science by itself, and the case geometry takes full advantage of it. Signed with a logo plate, this is your mobile storage solution for Oakley sunglasses and prescription eyewear.
Case Fits:
• Chainlink
• Crankshaft
• Enduro
• Frogskins
• Fuel Cell
• Gascan
• Holbrook
• Jupiter Squared
• Sliver
• Square Wire
• TwoFace
• Valve
• Carbon Shift
• Mainlink
• Thinlink
• Stringer
• Latch SQ
• Sliver XL
• Sliver R
• Straightlink
• TwoFace XL
• Trillbe
• Elmont
• EVZero Pitch